Insurance Claims Handling & Loss Assessor

Here at Oakleafe Claims Scotland, We specialise in both Domestic & Commercial Insurance Claims Handling and our teams can support you in all respects in the event of an Insurance claim. You get access to all our Professionals on your side against Insurers own Professionals that they use to mitigate their financial liability or even refuse your claim. We work exclusively for you to obtain everything you are entitled to. We will also take the stress away from the entire process by handling all the meetings & communications while you can concentrate on your family or business.

Domestic Insurance Claims

Making a domestic claim can often be complicated and extremely stressful. We will take away the stress and help you recover as quickly as possible.

Business Insurance Claims

Any Business incident can cause major disruption to trading. Will ensure you receive your full entitlement and get your business up and running again.

About Oakleafe Claims Scotland

Professional Insurance Claims Handling & Insurance Loss Assessing

Our experienced and respected Loss Assessors in Scotland will deal with the Insurance company to support and negotiate your full entitlement in respects of any claim you may need to make. Our results speak for themselves and we have built up a reputation for being the first port of call for anyone who needs to make an Insurance Claim. Read More

Insurance Claims Loss Assessing Services

  • Fire Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Escape of Water Damage
  • Storm Damage
  • Theft Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • Subsidence Damage
  • Business Interruption

Why Choose Us

We Represent YOU, Not your Insurer

Push Insurers to accept liability as quickly as possible

Make your property safe and mitigate any damage.

We will maximese your Settlement

What Makes Us Different

There when you need us

We will be the buffer between you and your Insurance Company. We will handle all meetings while you concentrate on your family or business.

Complete Transparency

With full FCA Compliance, we are fully transparent with all our procedures and we take you through every step of the claims process.

Access to Claim Portal

You can view every line of communication and progress we have made on your claim using our Trackpro© Claims Management System



Visit our FAQ’s to see some of the common questions our customers have and how we can help handle your claim and receive full Settlement.


Loss Assessing Services

Loss Assessors are independent Insurance Claim experts who can act on behalf of the policyholder and get everything they are entitled to.

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